Shoreham mafia. Chicken section

I have had some chicks. I am too important and busy to hatch them myself so a machine does it for me. I also don’t do the brooding thing, it’s tiresome and makes me murderous. The human is brooding them.
5 are mine but one looks like it’s father so I shall disown that one.

This one is borderline, has a bit of yellow in it. Dunno if I like it yet.


Next is the one that isn’t like me at all


The following three are beautiful mini flowerpekins





Queen of the castle

My new coop is built and is very much to my satisfaction, I have spent many an hour refusing to let any of the other chickens inside. It’s mine.
It’s a very spacious coop with an ample amount of nest boxes, mine.
The human also installed a huge dustbath which catches the morning sun, also mine.
The run attached to the coop is also cleared and has troughs of topsoil for us play in. (I don’t need to bathe in those as I’ve got my own king size dustbath in the coop, only rabble bathe outside)
We were allowed to range in the garden the other day which might have been a bit of a mistake on the humans part. I ran off with some of the contents of her salad sub.

I do believe my eggs are now in the incubator too, they are bound to be the prettiest chicks…

New coop update.

The human is building me a stately home. This will mean I can reign supreme unhindered and suppress my minions.
I think the building process may have been a bit taxing to the humans because they were quite bad tempered in response to my squawking at them for progress updates. She misunderstood me and instead of letting me in to look round she threw corn at my claws while muttering. 
Even frizz couldn’t attract the attention of the male and she’s his favourite. 
I am hoping to inspect the building soon. Currently there is no felting on the roof or adequate glazing which is a bit lax of the human slaves and I don’t think they’ve installed my perch yet either. Just can’t get the staff these days…
Hmmm I wonder if Laurence Llewelyn Bowen wants to be my interior designer…

Oooh yoghurt!

After spending some time on twitter with my associate @asbochicken (go follow her she’s a good example of an arsey Pekin *proud*) I decided it was time to not limit my extraordinary talent to 140 characters.

There are other chickens on twitter, but we are Pekins.

We are not just any chickens… we are free range, feathered legged, pure breed, genuine bantam chickens.

So we are better…